Railway Inn

Grange Road, Dorridge, West Midlands, B93 8QA
01564 773531



Please order at the counter.

1 person per table queuing up.

Contactless payment when possible.   

Tabs are not available at the moment.

Don't forget your table number.

Please do not move the furniture, it has been positioned to comply with social distancing.

(gf) gluten free (v) vegetarian (ve) vegan.

Menu will change on a weekly basis. Light bite portions are suitable for children or guest with a smaller appetite.

Lashfords Sausages, Eggs and Chips Served with peas or baked beans £4.50 / £6.95
16oz T Bone Steak (gf) Served with chips, peas, mushrooms and salad garnish £15.75
Southern Fried Chicken Goujons Served with chips and peas or salad £4.35 / £6.35
Fresh Filleted Sea Bass Served with vegetables, new potatoes and a lemon and parsley sauce £9.95
Lamb Chops (gf) Served with vegetables, new potatoes and gravy £6.80 / £9.95
Homemade Chilli Con Carne (gf) Served with rice, chips or both £4.35 / £6.35
Homemade Moroccan Vegetable Tagine (ve) (gf) Served with rice, chips or both £4.35 / £6.35
Breaded Plaice Served with chips and garden peas £7.95
Homemade Chicken and Mushroom Pie Served with vegetables and chips or new potatoes £7.50
1 Filling £3.10 - Both Fillings £3.50
Mature Cheddar or Honey Glazed Ham Served on white or wholemeal bread with salad garnish
Bowl of Chips (gf) £2.20
Onion Rings £2.20
Mushrooms (gf) £2.20
Bread and Butter (2 slices) £0.45
Peppercorn Sauce £1.70
Blue Cheese Sauce £1.70
Apple Pie Served with custard, cream or ice cream £3.95
Strawberry Jam Sponge Served with custard, cream or ice cream £3.95
Toffee Ice Cream Sundae £4.35
Bennetts Individual Luxury Ice Cream Pots Chocolate, Strawberry, Devon Toffee, Honey and Ginger, Vanilla, Lemon Sorbet, Orange Sorbet or Mint Choc Chip £1.40 Each
Coffee £2.00
Pot of Tea Breakfast, Peppermint, Earl Grey £1.75
Cafe Latte £2.50
Cappuccino £2.50
Espresso £1.50
Rombouts Filter Coffee / Decaffeinated £2.50
Hot Chocolate £2.50
Mocha £2.50
Floater Coffee £2.60
Liqueur Coffee £5.00